Universal Remote Codes List 2023 – How to Program

Certain universal remote codes are there which help them to operate these devices easily. These Universal Remote codes are sufficient enough in managing video and audio devices irrespective of any model or brand. The device can get operated by inputting certain projects, including 4, 3, 2, or 1, and others. But there is a particular code format that they need to follow.

Thanks to technology but now there is no need for an individual to approach the service providers when it comes to operating components and devices.

all universal remote codes list

All Universal Remote codes

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It is quite astonishing to note that finding out the universal remote codes for audio devices, CD players and VCRs, DVD and satellite boxes, and others is quite easy, but when it is to locating any particular device, a user finds out some difficulties. It is important for an individual to follow the instructions on how they will be able to operate the universal remote and understand the programming as well. There are certain specific TV codes, and it is advisable to follow the particular format. It is a suggestion that follows all the below-mentioned instructions so that you will be able to input the digits of the Universal code and control the device efficiently. Without wasting any moment, let’s get started.

Universal Remote Codes List for Brand wise

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Universal Remote Codes For Cable Box & Dvr

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Universal Remote Codes For Satellite Box & Dvr

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Universal Remote Codes For Misc Audio Aux

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Universal Remote Codes For Dvd & Blu-ray Players

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Universal Remote Codes For CD Players

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Universal Remote Codes For VCR

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Features of universal remote codes

universal remote codes and how to program

Setting features are there related to Universal Remotes. These areas we are providing below:-

  • For menu navigation on satellite and cable boxes and DVD players, the universal remotes commonly utilized the D-pads.
  • There is a numeric keypad that can be utilized for multiple purposes, including entering the date changing the channel numbers, and the time as well. This numeric keypad helps them to engage in tasks efficiently.
  • There is a particular set of buttons that is sufficient enough in avoiding accidental pressing and choosing Universal codes on the keypad. Some universal remote codes are there that allowed the users to review the entire available course and choose the best ones from the list.
  • For volume and channel up or down, selections are you will be able to use the Plus and minus signs.
  • The power button is also there along with other series which help them to understand the current device which will be going to be controlled by the universal remote. Selection options are also included in it like SAT/CBL, TV, DVD, VCR, and others. In-home automation devices and audio equipment as well as selections are available.
  • In some devices like keychain size or TV B Gone remotes, the design is highly reduced, and only a few buttons are there acting as volume or channel selectors. These buttons are also sufficient enough to act as the power button.

Features included in the higher-end universal remote

It is quite astonishing to see that now higher and universal remotes are also available. There are multiple features that make them different. These are as follows:-

  • In-game consoles and computers, protocol, or similar Bluetooth connection, is utilized instead of the infrared transmission form. The designs have been prepared by keeping it into consideration, and these are compatible with universal remote as well.
  • Universal remote codes will help an individual to make phone calls in a particular room as well. They just need to get aware of it.
  • By the Programmable soft keys, only macros and user-defined functions are allowed.
  • In case of a person is not available at the remote code, they can use the IR code and learn about the programming of a new code, and it helped them in controlling the new devices as well.
  • Akon the LCD screen, the status information will get displayed.
  • With the help of the macro programming technique, the command sequences are programmed with a one-button press.
  • For extending the remote control range, repeaters are also available.

How to program the universal remote using a code?

When it is about programming the universal remote using a code user is supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps. It will allow them to control the device, and they will be able to make minor changes when it to deal with other brands or devices. The steps we are providing our general to follow:-

Find the code

When it is about programming and universal remote for a device, it is important to utilize unique remote code as well. It is quite easy to find out the universal remote code for multiple devices because they are right there on the web. A user just needs to utilize the search option, which is available in the top right-hand side corner, and it allows them to browse through the outlined categories or instructions. After it, they can simply find out the preferred universal remote code that will be going to work with the device.

Turn on the device

When you are done finding out the remote code, make sure to turn ON the device. For it, plug in the device properly and head on the power on or off button. It is near the body of any device, and you need to hold it for a few seconds.

Programming the universal remote

After turning ON the device, you need to face the universal remote and program it accordingly. In case the remote is not placed in the proper direction, it will not work appropriately. Therefore select the TV or DVD option and then move ahead. Choose the appropriate option is there for programming the DVD player devices and so on.

Input the universal remote code

Now the time has come when you are supposed to input the universal remote code. When you will be done mention the code the LED light will bring for each number of inputs. When the entire code has been entered, it will blink twice, and then it goes off. The device will get automatically turned on, and in some devices, you need to switch it off and then check out. After the completion of the procedure, the device is successfully programmed with the universal remote code.


Now it is quite clear that dealing with universal remote codes is an easy task to do, and there is no trouble for a user in any case.


Q1: We want to know what the universal remote control codes are for Set-Top Boxes. What do we do?

  • Ans: No codes are written anywhere on set-top boxes for universal remote controls. This requires manual searching.

Q2: What is the best way to set up a universal remote on our TV?

  • Ans: Press both remote controls at a similar instant. Immediately after the red light appears, press the power button. If the remote turns off or on, it has been programmed. It must remain active until programmed.

Q3: Is It Possible To Use The Universal Remote For All Devices?

  • Ans: All devices can be controlled by these universal remote control codes. Your specific device can be located on the list of remote codes.

Q4: What TVs are compatible with a remote?

  • Ans: It is true that a universal remote control can work on any TV after it has been programmed with universal TV remote codes.

Q5: How Does a Universal Remote Control Work?

  • Ans: Infrared technology is typically used on universal remote controls. Remotes transmit IR commands by emitting a beam of light. IR receivers receive and execute commands based on the detected beam. This device must be programmable first.

Q6: Without codes, what can I do with a universal remote control?

  • Ans: Your universal control can be programmed manually without remote codes. No remote codes are required for your television.

Q7: Universal Control: What Is It Good For?

  • Ans: The load placed on controllers is reduced. The interface is simple and easy to use. Codes for universal remote controls can be activated so they can be used on multiple devices.

Q8: Find out your television’s 4-digit code by following these steps.

  • Ans: Alternatively, if you have a smart TV, you can find the code in the settings by scrolling down to the TV code. For older TVs, it will be on the sticker on the rear.

Q9: What Are The Drawbacks Of Universal Control?

  • Ans: Whenever a device breaks, you can fix it or buy a new one. You only have one tool for every device. In general, these are devices that cannot perform specific functions because they are meant to be used for general usage.

Q10: Can you use an old television receiver with a universal remote?

  • Ans: If it can pick up control signals and is not too old, then everything should work. When a controller is too old, it can’t be used. It has to be operated manually.

Q11: Are GE Universal Remotes Easy to Use?

  • Ans: Following the steps in the instructions is the correct way to proceed. Utilize the GE CL5 universal remote control codes to control your device. You are now ready to program your GE universal remote.

Q12: Are remotes compatible with LG TVs?

  • Ans: If the remote is universal, then it can be programmed to work with LG TVs. You can view the global remote codes list above to see how to do that.