COX Universal Remote Tv Codes & How to Program Instructions

With the Cox standard remote, you can apply it and use it to manage distinct devices at once. So alternatively of switching between a couple of remotes when you choose to change the extent on your TV and DVD player, you can use your generic far-flung to do so. Thankfully, like most widely widespread remotes out there, the Cox faraway comes with the ‘Code Search’ option. Also, the technique of how to apply a Cox ordinary remote is easy.

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COX Universal Remote Tv Codes

Cox Universal tv remote codes list

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Samsung TV Cox Remote Codes

  • 0812, 0060, 0702, 0178, 0030, 0039, 0587, 0650, 0766, 0814, 1060, 1575, 1632

Cox Codes For Vizio Tv

  • 1758, 0864, 0885, 1756, 2512

How to software a Cox Universal Remote with the SETUP button

  • Ensure you flip on the system you prefer to sync with the standard remote.
  • Hold your Cox customary faraway to face the gadget you choose to program.
  • Find the power-up button on the far-off and press to swimsuit the gadget you desire to sync. For instance, if you desire to sync a TV, Press the ‘TV’ key. For a DVD, press the ‘DVD’ option.
  • You will locate the ‘Setup’ button at the pinnacle of the faraway control. Hold down the button for countless seconds till the tiny LED mild on the faraway blinks three times. After that, you launch the ‘SETUP’ button.
  • Find the four digits cox generic far-off codes for your TV manufacturer and key in the numbers. If you get this right, the tiny LED mild on the pinnacle of the far-flung manage will blink twice.
  • Find and press the ‘Power’ button on the pinnacle of the remote. Press the ‘Power’ button again, if your TV turns on, Voila. You have efficiently programmed your Cox generic remote.

To manage your TV with your COX far-flung control, right here are the faraway codes to manage all TVs which include LG, Toshiba, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, and more. The Cox far off makes use of four-digit far off codes. All TV four-digit COX Universal Remote codes are listed beneath for use with all TV manufacturers with a COX remote.


Q1.The remote on my Cox TV has stopped working. What do I do?

Ans: On their site, Cox provides troubleshooting guides to help with various types of remote problems you might encounter.

Q2.The remote doesn’t work with my Cox service?

Ans:  Remote control that takes a dive can be caused by a dead battery, a blocked sensor, or a broken part.

Q3.Do you want to know if Cox is available in your area?

Ans: You will be able to line up your remote with the code from the paperwork that came with it. There are also user guides on Cox’s site that allow you to get the codes and all the info about your remote.

Q4.Can Cox charge me for a replacement remote?

Ans: A replacement remote costs $20 from Cox. It is likely to escape costs in some cases. Cox offers free replacement remotes if you need one.

Q5.My remote turns on but the LED blinks five times when I press the power button?

Ans: In order to prevent damage, batteries should be replaced immediately after the first five blinks.

Q6.What is the best way to choose batteries for our remote?

Ans: AA batteries are required for remote controls like this one. Batteries work, and alkaline batteries are more energy-efficient and last longer.

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