Craig TV’s Universal Remote Codes List & Program Instructions

Are you searching ahead to getting the Craig television every day far off codes, then right here is that the cease to your searching, from this weblog put up we are getting to point out all the universal remote codes for Craig’s soundbar, so why late simply test the beneath listing and there you’ll get all sorts of codes like two digits, three-digit and additionally four-digit, five-digit codes too.

As there is a large range of universally reachable manage codes, person code alternatives have to be made. And this would possibly lead to some operational issues, relying on the faraway manipulated brand. In such cases, we do now not favor you to fear as we have on-the-spot options for such challenges.

Craig TV’s Universal Remote Codes

Before proceeding, make certain that the DVD participant is as it should be placed and all connections constant as per the consumer guide to obtaining the most effective remote management setup. Any small connection error would stop the setup method from taking place successfully.

Craig tv's universal remote codes

Craig TV’s Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

  • 00073, 6222, 06222, 10180, 0073, 10073, 16222, 11822

Craig TV’s Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List

  • 541, 536, 691, 662, 666, 667, 682, 009, 657, 669, 694, 532, 542, 533, 963038, 042, 053, 037, 161, 180, 282, 171, 064, 038, 064, 009

Craig TV’s Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes List

  • 10180, 13423, 10161, 19411, 11922

Universal Remote Code For Craig Soundbar

  • 00161

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Craig TV

  • 1038

GE & One-For-All Universal Remote Codes For Craig TV

  • 0053
  • 0042

Philips Universal Remote Codes For Craig TV

  • 0906
  • 0805

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Craig TV

  • 0044
  • 0052

Instructions for accepted remotes

  • Point the remote manage away from your TV.
  • Press and keep the TV button and the Select button at an equal time till the pink LED on the remote blinks twice.
  • Using the remote manage keypad, enter your television’s three or four-digit setup code listed above.
  • The purple LED on the remote has to blink twice. If not, attempt any other setup code, if available.
  • Confirm by means of pointing the far-off manage towards the TV and check the Power, Volume, and Mute functions.

If these features do no longer function right from the far-off control, enter the subsequent TV setup code in the listing via repeating this technique from Step 1.

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