Facing problem of slow upload speed?

Uploading a file, video, document, etc. and when takes much more time than usual then it is a frustrating task. The ultimate cause of the frustration is the slow speed of upload. It not only makes you frustrated but also consumes all your time. So to solve some of the causes of slow upload speed. 

Upload speed is the speed with which your files are transferred via the Internet. Upload speed is different from download speed. Download speed can be regarded as the rate at which a file is downloaded into the device from the internet. The download speed depends on many factors. For example the size of the file, the type of file, the plan of your Wi-Fi, etc.  Uploading speed is important for those who continuously work on the internet. Keep reading the article if you want to know some of the probable causes of low upload speed and how to resolve them.

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Reasons for slow upload speed

Internet Service Provider

The main cause of slow upload speed may be with Internet Service Provider. The main problem is that you cannot solve this problem on your own. In this case, you should contact your ISP customer care service. ISPs are the organization that provides the facility of internet. 

A problem with ISP can affect your internet speed. ISP like ADSL ie. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line offers low speed. To get better facilities people have shifted to FTTC ie, Fibre To The Cabinet. It can provide a speed of 65 Mb! So if you are still using ADSL, then it’s obvious to have slow speed and you need to shift to Fibre optics. 

Get in contact with your ISP to get this issue resolved. They might help you with your problems related to speed or they can advise you to upgrade your internet plan. A problem with ISP is the most severe one and will cost you a little to resolve this issue.

A number of devices connected to one ISP

Let’s understand this problem by taking an example if you keep adding large-sized files to your device, your device might start hanging and ultimately if it exceeds its limit then your device may ultimately stop. Similarly, if a greater number of devices are connected to an internet device like WiFi then the chances of slow speed are high. 

One can get to know the connected devices by using some apps. Using those apps you can also disconnect those devices. The speed will be high when the number of devices connected is less and will obviously be very slow if a large number of devices are connected. 

You can fix this problem by changing the password of your WiFi or disconnecting unwanted devices. This is relatively easy to do. 


There are certain programs that are autonomous that is they have the ability to work upon themselves and replicate, modify other computer programs and insert their own codes. They also have the ability to decrease the speed of uploading as they start running various programs in the background when executed. Malware is a virus in a computer. It’s a short form for malicious software and has the ability to not only decrease download and upload speed but can also affect other apps and programs on your computer.

Generally, a virus responsible for low speed is rare. One can easily resolve this problem by using antivirus. Antivirus will scan all files on your computer and detect them. It will remove all viruses. So, this issue can be resolved easily.


Firmware is a built-in software in your computer responsible for working your device. A virus that affects firmware will affect the working of the entire device. This will reduce the speed with which your device works. The router uses this firmware to connect to devices. Firmware in the router will reduce upload speed severely. So it’s very important to keep checking for the presence of any virus in your router on a regular basis. 

One can resolve it by updating the router and device. This will improve the working of your device and router. It will ultimately increase upload speed. 

Router’s Antennas

You might see some antennas on your router. The positioning of these antennas also affects the internet speed. These antennas must be kept upright and must not be dislocated. The sole function of antennas is to send and receive signals. So their positioning must be appropriate to receive and send a maximum signal at a time. There may be various types of antennas and all have different positioning. 

The routers which have internal antennas cannot be changed manually.  An issue with these antennas cannot be solved mechanically. 

To resolve such issues either try to change the antenna’s position or take it to customer service and they will help to resolve it. 

The speed of uploading is a very important factor for working smoothly online. Slow upload speed will frustrate you and ultimately you will not desire to work further. So instead of halting your work it’s better to resolve the problem of low upload speed. The above measures will surely help you. So give it a try and see the results!

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