New! GE Universal Remote Codes 2022 with How to Program

Have you just purchased a GE Universal Remote Control? Are you eager to know about the different GE Universal Remote Codes and the way to access them? If yes, we have extracted the best guide for you. The introduction of things like universal remote controls by General Electric has smoothened up lives. We don’t need to have any special remote controls for accessing different types of equipment effectively. Just a single device and all done.

Ge Universal Remote codes

GE Universal Remote Controls are being designed to control up to four different audio or visual devices in their home entertainment centers effectively. It is one of the finest and easiest ways to control different devices effectively. This remote control makes use of “program codes” for running all the services effectively and that one has to add on manually.

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GE Universal Remote Codes

GE Universal Remote Controls are often provided with a manual that includes different necessary codes. But if these codes are not available there?

The situation seems to be quite annoying, right? Well…….. Take your worries aside as you can easily get the same by making use of the remote’s “Code Search” function for controlling the different devices easily and effectively.

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A way to access multiple devices effectively

Gone are the days when we have to carry out different remotes just because we are having a setup of different audio and video equipment. Technology has blessed all of us with the best things in hand and it would be quite unfair if we would not include the equipment like Universal Remote Controls by General Electric in that.

GE Universal Remote Control is one of the finest gifts of technology that works effortlessly on a wide range of brands and can handle different audio and video devices efficiently. Accessing GE Universal Remote is quite easy. You just have to enter a Device Specific GE Universal Remote-Control Code in the universal remote control every time you want to access a particular device.

Once you have perfectly programmed your GE Universal Remote Control, it will get easier for you to use the remote with different devices such as VCR, Stereo systems, DVD players, Blu-ray televisions, etc.

You don’t need to get confused in the mess of multiple remote controls now nor do you have to face situations like a missing remote. Just keep the one in at a safe place and enjoy it seamlessly whenever required. It has got quite easier for a user now to access all the different parts of a home theatre device efficiently.

There are two different methods you can get the GE Universal Remote Control Codes now: one is through a simple auto code search method and the other is through the manual code entry method.

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Things to care about before setting up GE Universal Remote Control

Yet these GE Universal Remote Codes make the game easy but do you think it is so easy to access. Surely not…..

The process of programming universal remote is error-prone and it takes much time to get started. So, be prepared for that prior so that you can work on this wonderful source efficiently.

Moreover, make sure that you have hooked up and powered all of the devices you are willing to set up along with GE Universal Remote Control. The batteries you have added to your GE Universal Remote Control are fully active.

Ge Universal remote codes

How to find GE Universal Remote Code?

There is nothing worse than spending a perfect evening just messing up with a remote control just because you don’t know the way to access it. GE Universal Remote Controls are often provided with a user manual that includes the different codes for accessing different types of devices. But if you don’t have to get the same in your packaging you can simply get the same by:

  • Flip up your remote control.
  • Open up the battery cover remote batteries and then look forward to a sticker there.
  • The sticker involved includes the mode and the code list version that particular GE Universal Remote-Control associates to.
  • There are three code list versions and that is one CL3, the second CL4, and the third CL5.
  • Once you got that you can simply export your related GE Universal Remote codes efficiently.

How to program a GE Universal Remote Control

Once you have got your related GE Universal Remote Codes you can easily program the remote control just by following up the given steps:

  • The very first thing you have to do in the league is to enter setup mode. For enabling it press and hold down the SETUP button of your GE Universal Remote Control till you got a red light ON on your remote.
  • Once done release the “SETUP” button to move further with the process.
  • Next, press and release the device button present on the remote. It will help you in accessing the type of device you are willing to go along with efficiently.
  • Once you will do it, the red light of your remote will blink at once and will remain on.
  • If your GE Universal Remote Control is not having any device button on the remote for your type of device, just make use of any device button available there to proceed further with the process.
  • Once done enter the first code for the device you are willing to get connected with using the number buttons of your remote.
  • The red light of your remote will get turned off once you will enter the fourth digit.
  • Next, point the GE Universal Remote Control at the device you are willing to access and then test the buttons of the remote to check whether it is responding as per your expectations or not.
  • If your remote is not working as you are willing to have on, just get back to the very first steps to proceed further and then enter the next code being provided in the list.

Keep on repeating the same steps for all of the other devices you are willing to connect with your GE Universal Remote Control


Q1. Do these General Electric Universal Remote Codes function properly?

Ans. Naturally, they do. If you are having trouble configuring your remote, please read this article again. Then you’ll know what to do.

 Q2. After configuring the General Electric Universal remote, how do we reset it?

Ans. After configuring your General Electric universal remote, if possible, reset it.

 Q3. Where can we get universal remote controls?

Ans. Manufacturers of universal remotes have a website. You can place an order from there. Other online retailers also sell remote controls.

 Q4. Is the GE universal remote compatible with other smart TVs?

Ans. Yes, universal remotes can be programmed to work with other smart TVs. Simply follow a few easy steps.

Q5. Is it possible to control multiple devices at the same time?

Ans. The General Electric Universal Remote lets you control multiple devices at once.

 Q6. Is it possible to use the General Electric Remote to program Roku?

Ans. We documented the procedure in great detail. Read General Electric’s article on the Universal Remote Roku code and follow the steps.

 Q7. On my GE remote control, where is the menu button?

Ans. You can navigate your remote menu by pressing the shift or setup buttons. It enables menu navigation, OK, and exit.

 Q8. Is it necessary to reprogramme my devices after changing the batteries?

Ans. The remote code server does not always save the code for up to 10 minutes. You can change the batteries in a matter of minutes.

 Q9. Can We Use Smart TV Apps?

Ans. Ge universal remotes now include app hotkey links in the remote that connects to your smart TV apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Sling Tv. You can also access your favorite apps by navigating the remote menu.

Q10. However, the remote is not working.

Ans. In rare cases, a few specific devices may fail to respond to your program. To control your device, you must reprogram your remote with a different code or try another programming method.

Q11. Can we control multiple devices from one location?

Ans. Yes, you can use the GE Universal remote to control multiple devices at the same time.

 Q12. Is the GE Universal Remote compatible with other smart TVs?

Ans. Yes, universal remotes can be programmed for any other smart TV. You only need to follow the programming steps outlined above.

 Q13. Can the GE Universal Remote be reset after Configuration?

Ans. Yes, you can reset your GE universal remote after it has been configured.

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