One For All Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

OneForAll warranty that their normal remotes are well suited with all manufacturers of tools for domestic enjoyment from TV and Blu-ray to CD gamers and encompass sound receivers, and all their remotes have thousands of pre-installed mannequin numbers, so you do now not have to apply the OneForAll far-flung manipulate button via a button – in most instances, you simply select the mannequin quantity from, e.g. the TV, and the far off manage will be hooked up in minutes.

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One For All Universal Remote Codes

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One-For-All alternative far-off controls is an exquisite preference when you lose your authentic remotes. you can apply up to eight units in your domestic enjoyment gear. Deduce the clutter of character far-flung and use solely one alternative remote. Model URC 7880, URC 1810 each are clever alternative far off controls, additionally comes with iOS and Android app.

One For All Universal Remote Codes For Sinotec TV

0773, 0606, 0698, 0770, 1115

One For All Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Tv


One For All Universal Remote Codes For Philips TV

0037, 0556, 1506, 0605, 0178, 0108, 0343, 0009

One For All Universal Remote Codes For Toshiba TV

1508, 0508, 0650, 0093, 0009, 0035, 0714, 0264, 0412, 0618, 0109, 1457, 0195, 1916, 0698, 0037, 1556, 1037

One For All Universal Remote Codes For LG TV

1414, 1075

How to Program One for All faraway

  • Turn your gadget on (not on standby).
  • Locate the company of your machine in the code list. Codes are listed through Device Type and Brand.
  • Hold down MAGIC till the LED below the gadget blinks twice. The LED below the present-day mode key will continue to be lit.
  • Press the DEVICES key again and again till the LED for the device you prefer to set up is lit.
  • Enter the first four-digit code listed for your manufacturer (e.g. 2049for an Insignia TV).
  • The LED will blink twice and go out.
  • Now purpose the faraway toward your system and press the POWER key.
  • If the gadget turns off, your far-flung is equipped to use it. If not, repeat steps 3-7with the subsequent code in the list.

We have compiled a whole listing of units you can manage with OneforAll alongside with far-flung codes you want for a manual direct code entry approach incase the app setup does no longer work.

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