Philips Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Philips is a company which in recent decades, continues to manufacture premium universal remote devices. Any of these universal remote controls come with different codes and instructions. Before beginning the setup process, you can read its manual. You can differentiate between your remote and other versions.

Philips universal remote codes list

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Philips universal remote codes

Universal Philips remote controls can control the audio and video systems of almost any manufacturer. You need to insert a device code in the Philips universal remote codes for your audio/video equipment. You can locate the correct computer code for your equipment by using this search tool.

Philips Soundbar Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 0729
  • 1798
  • 1805
  • 0296
  • 1216
  • 1296
  • 1116
  • 1316
  • 0216
  • 0177
  • 0083
  • 0983
  • 0084
  • 0184
  • 0277
  • 0377

Philips Soundbar Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

  • 32459, 32311, 30189, 20081, 31266, 20035, 20618, 20739, 11454, 10054, 10037, 10690, 11483

With the patent-pending Philips universal remote guide with a flip and slide cradle, you power all your entertainment devices with a single hand. While most universal remote controls cannot use Amazon Fire Devices, this four-device remote features the additional advantage of securing your Amazon Fire’s remote streaming to allow you maximum flexibility and absolute control. This universal remote supports thousands of recent audio/video products and can automatically search your equipment using its comprehensive.

The Philips universal remote codes library, which is compliant with most Amazon fire-streaming remotes (2Nd and newer) and programmable with all big brands. Talk to your TV, Blu-ray player, cable, satellite, soundbar, and more quickly. The primary audio control helps you to change the volume with the side-access buttons of the remote unit. And your fully-functional Amazon fire remote is always in hand when you are about to watch your favorite movies and shows. With Philips universal remote companion with flip and slide cradle, achieve unprecedented control over all your home entertainment equipment.

  1. Holds a remote fire TV compatible (sold separately) to hold tight and ready to stream content.
  2. Manage the fire tv and up to four separate modules of audio and video.
  3. The best library of remote coding – fits all big brands.
  4. Fast configuration – Free setup with automated code search provides trouble.

What is Philips universal remote?

Use the code for that particular brand to configure your Philips universal remote codes to monitor most big brand televisions, cable boxes, and satellite boxes. You can always program the remote by trying the code here or search the Philips website if you missed the code list for the Philips universal remote.

HDTV Philips remote codes:

You have access to most HDTV products, including Sony, Vizio, LG, and Samsung, with Philips universal remote codes control. Click the Setup button on the distance and keep it until the remote light turns red and remains red. On the Philips universal remote, press the TV button and type a code for your particular television. After entering the secret, you can turn off your HDTV by pressing the Power button on your remote. If it works, the remote with code successfully. In case it doesn’t work, press the Setup button and then click TV, to repeat the process. Continue to try coding before you work on your particular TV.

Cable box Philips remote codes:

You can also configure your Philips universal remote codes to control several cable services brands from cable companies, including Comcast and Time Warner. Schedule the remote, clicking the Setup button and holding it until the remote light becomes red and is on. To enter the code for your cable box, press the Cbl button on the remote. After you have entered the code, click the button Channel Up or Channel Down to change your Channel. Your remote has code successfully if the track switches. If it doesn’t, use the other codes again and try them.

Satellite Box Philips Remote codes:

After programming, the Philips universal remote codes control will also control satellite boxes. Click and stay on the Remote Configuration button before the remote Red Light shows. Click on the “Sat” button on top of the distance, and then type your satellite box into the remote code. Several Philips remote codes are used in DIRECTV sets. To attempt to change the Channel after remote programming, click “Channel Up” or “Channel Down” You need to try one of the other codes for your box if the Channel does not shift. If you do have not a single code or another manufacturer other than the one listed on the Philips universal remote Website, you will find different codes for your remote device.

What are the highlights of Philips universal remote?

  1. Multi-Device Access: Up to 3 components such as screen, blu-ray/DVD, cable/satellite reception, Roku box, and other streaming media devices, soundbars, and more.
  2. Best Remote Code Library: The Al big brands’ universal remote runs with thousands of state-of-the-art audio and video facilities.
  3. Fire TV Stick: This May does not work for Roku Stick Streaming or other RF Streaming Systems.
  4. Quick Configuration: The system has a ready-to-use online setup video that offers a trouble-free setup, automatic scanning technologies, and master volume control so you can control volume regardless of the device. The remote controls are designed for Roku and Samsung TVs.
  5. Satisfaction Promised: all universal remote controls back up Philips’ 90-day restriction warranty and free U.S. technical assistance. Call the experts with questions or questions about your purchasing.

How to program a Philips universal remote?

Universal Philips remote systems are excellent devices configured for any TV, DVD player, Blu-ray unit, set-top box, or cable box. While for each particular model, the installation process varies, the gist usually is similar. You will keep down the device until the light shines, enter the brand name code of your device, and then check the buttons to see if they are working. The most common error is to use a correct code for your brand, but that is built for another product. Don’t worry if you use the incorrect code, and you can still try using another same brand code again.

Final Words:

You still have a code for identical brands to try to do it again. Also, via Philips universal remote codes, you can program your video and audio systems. It’s quick and fast to program. You can also use a unique Universal Remote code from Philips to power your audio equipment, TV, and SAT boxes.

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