RCA Universal Remote Codes List & How to Program

RCA universal remote is a must-choice for all those who use streaming players, DVD, Blu-ray components, and cable satellite setup boxes a lot. Sometimes it is very hard to remember all the remote controls, and at that moment and at that moment a user feels like there must be something easily available. This need of them let them look for RCA universal remote codes. But it is also important to control the device accordingly.

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RCA universal remote codes

If you are looking forward to programming the RCA universal remote but are not sure how to do it efficiently, don’t worry. Here we will be going to share certain things related to it so that controlling the RCA universal remote will be an easier thing and next time there will be no need for you to keep track of codes at all.

Rca universal remote codes list

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What a person requires when they want to program the RCA universal remote control?

When you are looking forward to programming the RCA universal remote control, certain requirements are a must fulfill. This includes:-

  • RCA universal remote control
  • A guide having instructions
  • Brand new batteries

How to program an RCA universal remote for TV?

When you wish to program the RCA universal remote for the TV, the steps are as follows:-

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. Aim the remote at the TV panel and hold the TV button for a while
  3. The light will get turned on and at the same time hold the on-off button simultaneously and check out whether the light turns on again or not
  4. When it gets turned on press the play or slow button on the remote for 5 seconds
  5. After it, you need to hold the turn-off button.
  6. If the TV turns off this clearly means that it is working and if it doesn’t turn off, you need to press the play or slow button again.
  7. Repeat this procedure for 5 seconds and check out whether the device gets turned off or not. It clearly indicates that the remote control is in sync with the TV, and there is no need for you to worry about anything at all.
  8. In case it is not working repeat the procedure and set it up again.

How to program an RCA universal remote for other devices?

Except for TV if you are looking forward to programming the RCA universal remote for other devices at that moment check out, it must have an option for it. You can consider an example of a DVD or any other streaming device. After checking it out, the steps are as follows:-

  1. At the very first turn on the device, You Want to set up and make sure that the RCA universal remote is focused on it.
  2. Now hold the button that helps you to match the device you want to pair.
  3. Wait for a while and check out whether the light of the remote blink and become steady for a while
  4. After the light gets steady press, the device button and hold it for a while and simultaneously.
  5. Hold the power button at that moment the light will turn off and on, and this takes almost 5 seconds.
  6. Release the power button and the device button
  7. Make sure that the power button must stay on if it is not, then you need to repeat the above procedure again.
  8. When you will be done with this use the power button on the remote and scan the RCA universal remote code needed to set up on the device’s new line if the component gets turned off, it means that the code is paired up with your device and if it is not you need to repeat the procedure again.
  9. When you are done with that press the stop button for saving the code and check out all the functions, within no time, you will be able to get an idea about it.

How to program the RCA universal remote having the code search button?

If the RCA universal remote is available with you as the code search button then there is no need for you to engage in any difficult procedure. For it, the steps are quite straightforward. These are as follows:-

  1. At the very first look for the device code, you want to control. (In the remote control manual the code is available otherwise you can use the RCA remote code finder)
  2. Turn on the equipment you are looking forward to pairing.
  3. Hold the court start button on the remote for a while
  4. Along with it press the button on the universal remote code that matches the equipment you are looking forward to pairing.
  5. The light on the remote will blink and become steady.
  6. Enter the remote device code you have found, and the light should get turned off.
  7. Test the remote and try some other functions as well to be sure whether everything is working fine or not. In case it is not working, you need to repeat the set of instructions.


Q1. What is the RCA remote’s revision number?

Ans. If you don’t know the revision number, open your battery cartridge and remove the batteries to find it. When you do, you should see a sticker with several numbers inside. The first is your model number; disregard it for the time being. The revision code should be located just below the model number.

Q2. On the RCA universal remote, where is the code search button?

Ans. Hold down the Code Search button until the light comes on. This button is typically located at the top of the remote. You can let go of the button once the light turns on.

 Q3. How can we tell if a universal remote will work with my television?

Ans. Your universal remote should work with your smart TV as long as it has an IR sensor (or whatever connection type your remote uses, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Some universal remotes, however, will only control your TV’s power, volume, and channel up/down buttons.

Q4. On an RCA television, where is the model number?

Ans. Many RCA products have a model number that can be found on the product label. If you do not see a model number printed directly on the product and it does not have a product label, refer to the user manual for your RCA product.

Q5. On an RCA television, where is the IR number?

Ans: Settings>Equipment Control>Manage Equipment>TV>Infrared Options>Change IR Profile, and then select “Find IR Profile.”

Q6. How do you examine an embed’s RCA output?

Ans:  Because it has a video output, you might be unable to use it with the embed. It isn’t always fast enough and has limited memory.

Q7. What about RCA standard distant programming for my other devices?

Ans: The distant machine must be in sync with your television once the machine has turned off that potential. If this technique no longer works, be patient. Simply repeat these steps, making sure to press the buttons for the entire duration.

Q8. Are you powering a passive subwoofer with RCA Universal Remote connections?

Ans: You’re curious about the wire gauge that was once used for that subwoofer connection. If it is a small-gauge audio cable, it cannot carry any significant amounts of energy.

Q9. How does one connect a remote control to a television? 

Ans:  After that, select Remotes & Accessories and Remote control before pressing the Bluetooth Connect or Activate button. Following that is a Bluetooth connection. Selecting Voice Remote Control activates it.

 Q10. What is the procedure for reprogramming an RCA universal remote?

Ans: Follow the same steps outlined in this article to reprogram your RCA universal remote to work with a new one—just use the code associated with the make and model of your new TV. There are RCA universal remote codes available.

Q11: From where a person will be able to purchase the RCA universal remote control?

Ans: When you are looking forward to purchasing RCA universal remote code, there is nothing to worry about. You can search for it on online shopping platforms or any of the nearby shops serving you will find electronic gadgets.

Q12: What can a person do if no button other than power is working?

Ans: Two possibilities are there which can contribute to the problem where all other buttons are not working except the power button. These are as follows:-

  • There might be a chance you are using the wrong RCA universal remote code in this case you need to follow the process again with a different RC Universal code.
  • The equipment you have purchased is not fully compatible with the universal remote. This sometimes happens with devices that are not upgraded to present Technology.


You might be having a sigh of relief now right here we have shared all the details for you to pair up the RCA universal remote. Whenever you are looking forward to utilizing the RCA universal remote codes, make sure to utilize the correct one because in case you are using any wrong code chances are there are some other keys that may stop working. Therefore if you don’t want yourself to surround by such trouble check each and everything in detail and then move ahead

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