TCL TV’s Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

TCL Roku is one of the famous Television brands in the market. Usually, a TCL Roku TV comes with far-off control. But if for any cause you misplace your TCL Roku TV remote or it acquired spoilt, you can use a widespread far off to application the TV. You want to recognize how to apply your universal remote management to work with your TCL ROKU TV earlier than you can use the code. you can know all codes regarding TCL Tv’s Universal Remote codes from here.

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TCL TV’s Universal Remote Codes

TCL TV Universal Remote Codes list

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GE Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 2891, 2851, 0091, 1421, 1691, 5961, 6031, 5771, 6171, 6201, 1851, 2011, 2061, 2111, 2301, 3421, 3431, 3571, 4921

RCA Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 4398, 3426, 2414, 4178, 2434, 2429, 14398, 12434, 0898, 13183, 3847, 3183

Philips Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 16475, 2301, 3431, 2856, 16573, 0091, 15260, 18516, 15738, 6031, 14333, 1851, 12770, 15466, 13020, 17750, 2851, 1421, 11125, 1691, 5771, 1564, 16665, 16276, 10900, 6201, 2011, 10125, 15064, 3421, 19247, 16374, 18522, 3571, 0733, 14235, 5961, 2061, 15564, 14216, 12270, 4921, 13773, 13871, 16915, 10625, 6171, 2111, 17956, 14874

Spectrum Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 387, 1566, 268, 11756

Comcast TCL Universal Remote Codes

  • 12290, 12291, 12292, 12293

Xfinity Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 11756, 12434, 12290, 12292

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 5199
  • 3031
  • 0053 

One For All Remote Codes For TCL TV

  • 1916, 0625, 0412, 0698, 0706

How to application TCL Roku TV to Universal Remote

  • Switch on the TV set you favor to program.
  • Hold your TCL Roku generic TV faraway to face your TV or device.
  • Find the ‘TV’ choice on your usual remote. Press on to the ‘Setup’ button. Its faraway manipulate will enter the Learning Mode.
  • Find the codes that work with your system manufacturer with the use of the listing of codes listed above.
  • If you received the procedure right, the tiny mild will blink four times. When it does, choose any of the codes above for your gadget and enter. The button mild will go off as soon as you get the right code. If not, attempt some other code.
  • Press any of the feature keys on your far-off control. If it works, that skill you bought the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and strive with some other code.

Some TV remotes that come with some TCL Roku TVs are typical remotes. Meaning you can use the remote to strengthen different devices except for TCL Roku TV. To test if your TCL Roku remote is a usual remote, take a look at if has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it does, it is a widespread remote.


Q1.Which three-digit TCL TV code must I use?

Ans: Typical TCL TV remote codes range in length. There are 3,4 as properly as 5 digit codes for TCL TV remotes.

Q2.The remote would not appear to work with my TV. What do I want to do?

Ans: Just insert the batteries and it is geared up to use. The remote no longer requires any programming.

Q3.What is the method for pairing my TCL remote?

Ans: Steps to follow:

  • The pairing button can be observed on the back of the battery cover.
  • It is necessary that you hold down the pairing button for three seconds or till the pairing light flashes. The battery has to be changed if the mild would not flash.
  • Start your TCL TV by restarting it.

Q4.TCL Roku Remote Reset – How Do I Do It?

Ans: By eliminating the battery cowl flap from your remote, dispose of the batteries. Replacing the batteries will reset your remote.

Q5.A Universal Remote with a TCL TV: How do you program it?

Ans: When the display turns off, launch the power button as soon as you have entered the “Keycode”. Switch the system on and then push the TV button on your TCL remote control.

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