Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List and Instructions Guide

Vivitar is a patron electronics company that affords photographic, audio, and optic gadgets as properly as different associated accessories. you can get all working Vivitar universal remote codes from here.  The company’s merchandise encompasses factor and shoot, autofocus, zoom, and digital video cameras; guide and automated lenses; flashes and tripods; binoculars; slide projectors; and digital camera accessories. It sells its merchandise via forte stores, photograph stores, mass merchants, drug keep chains, warehouse superstores, grocery stores, and online as properly as via incentive applications and catalogs.

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vivitar universal remote codes list

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes

  • 5199
  • 5199
  • 3031
  • 3475
  • 0053
  • 3847
  • 1938
  • 1738
  • 1834

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Vizio Tv

  • 502, 627, 004, 113, 505, 011, 1064, 1226

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Sony Tv

  • 1001, 1036, 1093, 1135, 1177

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Samsung

  • 0702, 0178, 0030, 1903, 1575, 1395, 1312, 1060, 0814, 0766, 0427, 0408, 0329, 0056, 0032, 0019

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For LG TV

  • 1265, 0178, 0442, 0700, 0829, 0856, 1178, 1325, 1423, 1758, 1993

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo TV

  • 0154, 0088, 0107, 0146, 0159, 0232, 0484, 0799, 0893, 1142

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Emerson TV

  • 0154, 0236, 0463, 0180, 0178, 0171, 1963, 1944, 0623, 0282, 0280, 0270, 0185, 0183, 0182, 0181, 0179, 0177, 0158, 0039, 0038, 0019

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Insignia TV

  • 0171, 1204, 1326, 1517, 1963, 2002

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Philips TV

  • 1454, 0054, 0690, 1154, 1483

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV

  • 0049

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes For Element TV

  • 11886
  • 10178

Vivitar general faraway is the eight in 1 far-flung manage and it has the three-digit and 4 digit ordinary faraway codes, if you don’t understand the faraway code for your gadget then observe the beneath desk and it has all sorts Vivitar typical faraway codes, so you can without problems function your machine with this well-known faraway instructions.

How to Program Vivitar Universal Remote with Code Search

If you couldn’t discover the key code which works for the gadget at that time you can set up your prevalent far off to search mode for the right one. It’s a code in the guide which forces the far-flung into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On”
  • Now press and maintain the “Setup” button
  • Enter the (three-digit) code
  • Now keep down the “Power Button” on the far off and then press the Channel up them until the machine, in this case, your television “Turns Off”

The above technique may take some more time however it is very vital to locate your key code. Once you have performed the above manner your faraway needs to be working for all the functions.


Q1.What TVs are compatible with Vivitar remotes?

Ans: In addition to the smart TV, the device also comes with smart remote control. In the event, we lose one or prefer another remote.

Q2.Why is my Vivitar remote not working?

Ans: Press the red power button on your TV to turn it on. When you turn on your TV, your smart remote will attempt to pair with the TV.

Q3.HDMI ARC for Vivid Remotes: Why It’s Important?

Ans: Remotes and soundbars can be set up much more efficiently with HDMI ARC.

Q4.Could you please tell me why my bar isn’t connected to my TV?

Ans: Turn on Control for HDMI and BRAVIA Sync on your TV or audio device. Verify that your device is set to AUTO or ON for ARC.

Q5.Is a compatibility bridge required for Vivitar remote control?

Ans: No compatibility bridge is required.

Q6.Does the Vivitar remote control work with alarm systems?

Ans: There is no way to control alarm systems with it.

Q7.Which state does the LED represent?

Ans: Vivitar remote control is in programming mode if it has a solid LED. Vivitar remote control sends a signal when its LED flashes.

Q8.In order to program the additional buttons on the remote control for the Vivitar, what do I need to do?

Ans: You can control up to three separate products (garage door opener, gate operator, or light control) with the remote control. Choose a different button and follow the programming steps.

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